Mazama Village

Day 131

Waking from our baron campsite, we began our trek for food. Luckily, Hetch had some extra food, so we weren't starved. A cool 13.5 miles in only 5 hours, and we got to the road and a quick ride the mile into town. Filled with buffets, candy, and great people, we quickly settled in. Our replacement equipment didn't arrive, so unfortunately we are forced to spend the rest of the day and hope it comes in the morning. Since our footwear is shot, we need our news boots! We are looking forward to them -- a new Danner hiker boot.

So we filled our bellies, caught up with a few other thru hikers, and began to roam around the 'village'. A great place, with all the employees super nice to hikers. The people who come here are awesome too, a lady even did our laundry for us! After chatting with some folks who are doing a bike tour around Oregon, we went to find camp and set up for the night.

A great restful evening, and we get to sleep in in the morning! A nice break for our chewed up feet.

-- Ian