Marathoning for a hobby

Day 130

The morning started off nicely. Squatted around a campfire we drank our VIA and regular instant coffees and chatted till it was time to leave.the othe hiker camped with us last night was Skip, a RIT professor and just generally cool and well travelled guy.

We took off on the monotonous terrain. I say monotonous in a good way. It's nice being able to judge your terrain, even if you have to travel a marathon a day, it makes your breaks and hiking time dependable.

The issue with today wasnt the normal aches and pins, it was hunger. Sure my feet hurt from worn out boots, and my pack and pole have been busted for months, but when you are starving you have problems. Your mind wanders and all you can think about are the things your body is missing... Milk, cheese, veggies and MEAT! I continued to dream about crazy Ramen dishes all afternoon, even though all I have left are two pieces of bread and a little honey.

So, after a painful day we sit, eating our last bit of rice (Hetch's last bit) and will have nightmares about food porn. It's going to be a long night.