As It Happens: Pacific Crest Trail captures the challenge, struggle and ultimate triumph of a journey, on foot, from Mexico to Canada.

Nothing’s scripted. Nothing’s planned. Anything can happen as two friends trek over 2,500-miles along one of the most remote corridors in the continental United States.

Within this dynamic setting storylines bend toward the unexpected – everything from dangerous snow traverses to 300-mile hitchhikes across California, fresh trout roasts to waiting out snowstorms inside Buddhist monasteries. The mental, and physical challenges the duo must overcome lie at the heart of this story.

Since filmmaker, and expedition leader Andy Laub posted this film on his YouTube channel, As It Happens Films, the documentary has received over 100,000 organic hits, thousands of subscriptions and nearly 1,000 comments like... 

·      In an age where the average attention span for online video content is about seven seconds, your film is an hour and a half miracle.

·      I've watched your film, Into the Wild, and Wild - out of all three, yours is by far the most captivating and inspiring.

·      Beautifully intimate and well-told story of not only an adventure through the Pacific Crest Trail, but of the inner journey one inevitably experiences along the way. Beautiful images of stunning landscapes, put to such poignant and telling commentary. Excellent story of perseverance through the backbone of American wilderness. This is such an inspiring journey, one cannot help but start contemplating their own adventure after watching this incredible documentary. 

·      I don't think I could ever hit the "thumbs up" enough times to truly express how inspired and full of life I feel at this very instant.

·      This film doesn't compare with all the over-produced shows on TV about nature and the outdoors. This was real. 

·      Never in my life have I said this until know. Keep the hour and a half of my life that it took to watch this. I don't want it back. It was well spent.

These comments, and thousands more, derive from the originality and depth of the real story. Never before has the experience of walking across a continent been captured so vividly, so creatively, first hand.

Andy Laub seamlessly combines documentary filmmaking with the power of a journey – connecting audiences with previously unseen people, regions, histories, ideas and cultures inside one of America’s least-explored corridors.

After landing home from the 173-day hike, Andy began edit; wrote and recorded 25 original songs for the soundtrack; processed over 300 stills in Adobe After Effects to create 3D cinematic movement in every slide; and wrote narration for this entire feature length piece. In the end his creation is not a film; it’s a work of art.