Day 132

Ten reasons why today rocked...

1. A woman volunteered to do our laundry!

2. We had a killer breakfast buffet and got biscuits and gravy

3. We met a really nice NYC couple exploring America in their RV who gave us a lift to the trailhead

4. The general store gave us a bunch of stuff that was about to expire... Fig newtons, potato spuds and peanuts.
- pretty awesome

5. We hiked on the rim of Crater Lake, the most beautiful body of water in the world- pristine, ancient and blue it commands respect.

6. There was a wildfire that closed a portion of the trail, our first ever since starting, but luckily the RV, NYC couple was driving by and made a box around the inferno.

7. The hike to camp was cool, with gradual terrain and a setting sun

8. A breeze picked up when the Mosquitos are usually devouring us

9. We met two Israeli thru-hikers who are really interesting and are sharing camp with them. Also, they love playing chess and drenching ketchup on every piece of food they eat!

10. We're in Oregon

- Andy