The Dusty Camel... An ongoing adventure.

The journey begins in the frigid Georgia winter of 2009. Two thru-hikers, Ian Mangiardi and Andy Laub, meet three days into their solo-treks of the Appalachian Trail. For four months, the two braved one of the harshest winters in the South bringing them into a hot summer in the North, over 2,100 miles away. 

In spring 2011 the team trekked over 2,600 miles northbound on America’s Pacific Crest Trail in order to create a documentary that would show, first hand, Americas backcountry and its' splendor. 

The Dusty Camel is committed to protecting America's wild spaces. Its mission- inspire people to to go outdoors, and give them the tools to have a life changing journey. They use their experience to give the best advice to have a successful expedition or adventure of any kind. 

The Dusty Camel will do as their ancestors did thousands of years ago-- take advantage of man’s freedom to roam.  We follow one simple concept -- more people that enjoy the outdoors, means more people to protect it.