wearing thin

Day 129

This morning was a tough morning to get up to. Especially in the dark at 5:30 -- so we woke at 5:45. We started a small fire, and cooked some breakfast and were off for the day.

The biggest problem with these long days is just getting worn out too quickly. It's important to ease into the bigger miles, and after doing about 30 yesterday, another big day was difficult. However, our bodies will get used to it soon enough (or so we hope). The day was spent in the cool shadiness of the trees, and for a little while, there were these elaborately maintained trail that brought us over these large lava rock fields. The best part was that the trail was constructed with dirt and rock to make it smooth.

We briefly attempted to hitch into this mountain resort to get some food, but to no avail. So we hiked on.

Now we are tucked in a camp with another hiker -- first we've camped with for a while!

Time to sleep and rest for yet another big day.

-- Ian