30 Out

Day 128

With the campfire ablaze in the middle of the trail it is becoming more apparent that we will be dry camping (no spring nearby) for the next 7-10 days. It's not too fun, and we wind up sleeping on mountain slopes, but it's what it takes to average 30 miles a day.

The morning was dry and not too chilly. We we woke up and had the Starbucks' VIA instant coffee ( thanks Jana!) with a little oatmeal. We've switched to more whole food groups instead of e sugar filled pop tarts and empty carb meal replacements. This is somewhat alarming considering we usually crave what we are lacking, and right now... That's everything. Cheese, bread, peanut butter, veggies, fruit, etc.

So as we continue to test our minds and bodies by the expedited pace,we will continue to be focused on getting to the WA border at a descent date.

- Andy