Off We Go!

Day 127

Blessed be the flexible... For they never get bent out of shape.

Words Hetchs friend gave us as we parted ways. A true thru-hiker mentality; go with the flow, and be flexible as thing happen. A good mentality with the start of the 14-day challenge in the morning.

We got back to Jana's late last night, and set up our pads in her living room and quickly fell asleep. It was a great feeling sleeping inside again. The two of us realized it's been over a month since we had last slept inside. When we lazily woke up this morning, we took showers, made some coffee, listened to music, and relaxed. Since Hetch was staying with his friend -- Cynthia -- we were waiting to hear what he wanted to do about getting back on trail.

With the lack of rushing, and the relaxing Ashland zero day still holding us captive, we went back to the Morning Glory to get an awesome brunch. We soon met up with Hetch, said bye to Leader (who is now biking the trail because of the need to get home sooner), Jana and Brian, and were off to the trail in Cynthias car.

She graciously drove us all back to the trail and we all hung out on the side of this log talking, listening to music, and just postponing the departure. We eventually decided to get to the first water source -- just a few miles past the border -- and we ate our quite elegant meals, and the most beautiful, delicious tomatoes that Cynthias sister grows.

We rest up for our first 30 of this two week push.

-- Ian