Day 126

Good town, great people.

We spent the morning sipping endless coffee in Jana's living room with her boyfriend Brian and got to meet her twin sister and family on Skype! Afterward we had errands to run, and distractions weren't far away.

A solid few hours was spent gorging on specially crafted omelets at the restaurant Morning Glory. I dug into a applewood smoked bacon, caramelized onion with fontina cheese dish while Ian cleaned his plate in record time.

While we waited for our laundry we mosied around to the outfitters and made friends while we re-upped a few gear needs. The day was already filled with a whole lotta awesome, but then we stepped into the Cripple Creek music shop and had a great time playing an upright bass, banjo and a few Taylor guitars- I was in heaven and the guys that worked there were a lot of fun to talk with. Eventually we picked out our resupply at the Ashland food co-op and made our way "home" ( Jana's backyard) to drop off everything.

Then the day got even better! We went with our new friends to an Oregon Ducks bar and watched the first college game of the season. Even though they lost it was good to see a pigskin being thrown around again.

After the blowout everyone moved to Brian's place where we drank, ate great steaks, listened to good music and chatted till midnight. It truly kicked ass! The town of Ashland is the first town in my travels out here that I would love to live in. The mix of culture, people and mountains that surround it make it a must stop for any traveller who may find themselves in the lower region of the Beaver State.

Tomorrow we embark again on our journey. Next stop Crater Lake!

- Andy