Ashland, oh Ashland, my lovely friend

Day 125

Ashland Oregon! We have arrived. Oh we have arrived.

For many months, people have talked about Ashland. Most hikers ended up here, bypassing the sierra skipping part of the trail to jump up, starting the first of the flattest state, ENDING California, the list continues. Ashland is the place to be.

Since we are taking a zero day, we essentially ran to Interstate 5, the road which leads to Ashland. We have recently been traveling with Hetch-hetchi, and he spent some years near Ashland, and has some friends here, so he was excited as well. We threw out our thumbs, and immediately got a ride -- a great start to Oregon. As we sat in the car, Hetch found out that the woman who picked us up new all his friends! A small world indeed. She graciously gave us stinky hikers a ride to the falafel place, and post office.

As we sat in front of the the post office, eating our falafels in the shade a lady comes up and starts talking to us about our travels. Mid conversation, another woman asks if we are hiking the trail, and said her brother did it last year and threw us a couple huge cookies like frisbees and was off as quickly as she came. As we continued our conversation from the wonderful interruption of cookies (truly though) Janna offered us a place to camp in her back yard!

We were in town for about 20 minutes, got a discount at the falafel place, a cookie from a hiker friend, and a place to set up shop for the night. Sweet.

After having a few beers, hanging out with Janna, her boyfriend and anither friend, and Hetch and his friend, we went back to Jannas to have a wonderful shower (we haven't had a shower since my birthday -- on the 18th of august.) and are now off to bed.

Needless to say, Ashland has been wonderful thus far. We are excited to zero here and have already met some new friends!

-- Ian