Day 147

Hitting the small town of Trout Lake, WA was in the game plan. Relaxing, exploring and meditating at the Trout Lake Abbey was not, but such is the beauty of the trail! We now find ourselves comfortably sprawled out on twelve-inch thick pads in the Abbey's meditation loft.

After a nice ride at the trailhead from Linda and Carmela from Seattle we arrived just in time at the Abbey. We had been reading about the 23-acre, sprawling organic farm/Buddhist temple in our guide books over the past few days, but weren't sure if we'd find a ride, or if they were still taking hikers.

After the lift we were dropped off as a group of people walked over to a Druid circle (The Abbey is also a Druidic worship area eight times out of the year) Having just walked in Kozen and Kirk, the owners, warmly invited us to the ceremony and showed us where to take showers. Fresh produce was hanging to dry off the back porch.

Still a bit out of it by the rain we took showers and made it to the brunch after the Druid ceremony. It was interesting talking with people from a belief system I have no knowledge in.

After the pot luck filled with organic veggies and lots of homemade dishes we did laundry, explored the place, got to meet some of the local alpacas, watched a movie (spring, summer, fall, winter.... And spring. A South Korean, Buddhist movie I watched six-years ago with my old college roommate!) and are heading to bed.

With Gretta (a large German shepherd who I befriended today) barking outside and Mt. Adams enveloped in clouds above us we rest.

As I lay here tossing and turning thinking about how few miles we have left I think back to what I saw written in the beautiful temple just next door...

'The Noble Eightfold Path'

1. Right view
2. Right intention
3. Right speech
4. Right action
5. Right livelihood
6. Right effort
7. Right mindfulness
8. Right concentration

The elements needed to see this and all challenges to their completion.