Kings of Improvisation

Day 146

The minds are starting to turn, and the desperation to finish this trek is beginning to set in, for today was another morning waking to the dark, damp, uninviting conditions which Washington has to offer us. We are growing tired, both body and spirit. However. Today we figured out we could have as little as 16 days left in this trek. Only time will tell.

Today we had to pick up some packages and get a mini resupply at a little store down the road from the trail. As we asked someone for directions to the store, they informed us the store is no longer in business. Worried about the location of our boxes, we quickly went to the store. We were lucky to find both our boxes outside of the store door, unharmed. In a matter of minutes, we had three different plans in which we could embark upon in search of food.

Soon enough, the former owner came down from his apartment upstairs to greet us. He pointed us towards a couple hiker boxes hiding in the store, and our resupply was resurrected! We no longer had to spend half a day figuring out where to go and what to do.

So off we went, with our packages and food. The hiking was how it has been -- tall trees, beautiful rain forest like views, and ups and downs. We ended up on a Lake which is full of people! There are a ton of people out for the weekend! It's funny though, we are still in the middle of nowhere. As we were setting up camp, the dark clouds began to roll in, and the drops began to fall. First in small flashes, but slowly it grew in frequency.

As we cooked out hiker box creation (dehydrated beef, bacon, instant rice, ramen noodles, with olive oil, salt, pepper, red pepper and parmesan cheese) it beg to fall harder. We quickly ate dinner, then all convened in the palace (our tent). Luckily we only had one and a half days to go between the store and town.

Hopefully the rain won't last all night.

-- Ian