relaxation, we say goodbye.

Day 148

It's always lovely waking up inside; dry and warm. Today was no exception. We rose from our super comfy mats at our regular wake up time so we could attend the Buddhist service. Since there were only a few people there, it was very friendly, relaxed, and informative. It was nice learning how to meditate a little, and learn more about the Buddhist culture. It's always interesting to learn about other things after all.

Unfortunately, it was raining. It didn't intend to stop either. So we came to the hard conclusion that it was time to say goodbye to a wonderful evening and morning, and hello to rain, cold, and always being wet. With help from Kirk, we were off into town. We had to pick up a package, get to the trail, and squeezing a little food in didn't help either. As we were packing up the goodies from our box (we decided to do resupply boxes for the last few resupplies because of the lack of civilization.) a kind woman asked if we needed a ride to the trail. Without evening have to seek someone out, we were given a ride.

She said her husband gives lots of rides to hikers, so he would come pick us up in 45 minutes at the cafe. We went to the cafe and had awesome food. It was a tiny little place, and the real reason why I fell in love with cooking in the first place. The folks who work at these small spots have perfected their craft, and this place was the real hometown diner I love so much.

Soon Doug came and swooped us up and back to the trail we went. For the remainder of the day, we were hiking in the cold rain. We knew the worst was to come because hiking in the rain isn't too bad -- it's the morning after a night in the rain which is never fun. We now sit in our tent, with the heavy pitter-patter of rain hitting the fly. We hope to pack a dry tent in the morning... But I'm not holding my breath.

-- Ian