Day 139-142

Welp, my iPad screen took a beating and cracked, and the folks in the Portland store were nice enough to help me out by replacing it! The only problem is it had the past few journal entries saved on that because we haven't had service to post in the past few days, so heres a recap:

We've done some hard miles lately, pushing from sunset to sundown. With the fire closures rapidly approaching, we were just around the corner from Portland. With the weather changing, we weren't to pleased to see the cold rain. Yes, there was plenty of rain. For about a day and a half it was cloudy, foggy, rainy, and cold. So our introduction to the Pacific Northwest begins.

On one of the days, we intended to push nearly 30 miles to our last stop before we are forced off the PCT for the numerous fires, but ended up at this resort on a gorgeous lake with s beautiful view of Mt. Jefferson. We went in for a cup of coffee, but got enticed by the intense relaxation we felt being there, so decided to stay.

The lady who worked there was awesome and we hung out that night and relaxed after some hard, cold miles. With our food supply only lasting us one more day, and the store with limited options, we were forced to start making our way to Portland -- the beginning of Washington, end of Oregon, and beginning of the end.

We began our walk to the main road (12 miles away) and entirely expected to be walking for a while. However, the first car we saw about ten minutes into the hike picked us up, and was going straight to Portland! Those two were awesome, fed us, gave us a drink, and the back of their truck had a futon, so the ride was a comfy one.

With our surprising entry to Portland in the mid afternoon, we did a few errands to get out of the way, and then a nice lady named Bonnie who Andy and Hetch met in Bend, offered to let us stay at her house in town. We took the MAX (their transportation here) to her house and went to bed.

The people we meet on this trail, is the reason why we do these trails. In the past few days we have been meeting awesome people who have helped us out significantly. So thank you all who have helped us!

Now we sit in Portland supplying for the weeks to come. We aren't excited about the miles to come as they look very difficult -- but hey, so the trail goes.

-- Ian