A Day of Days

Day 138

Waking up behind the parking lot with a wet sleeping bag, very cold, was not quite the morning we had hoped for. Since we were trying to be stealthy about our camp spot, we didn't set up the tent. Another chilly, chilly night which was not a restful one.

The day afterwards was in the same fashion as the morning -- frustrating, tiring, and just not the day we were hoping for. Errands were being run, circles were being walked, and we went to and fro many, many times. We had boxes to send out, and gear orders to place. We got a replacement tent body because the zippers were busted on our old one, so that was the only nice thing of the day so far. To add insult to injury, I've lost my Blackberry, the iPad screen cracked, our stove never came, and we still don't have boots.

Hungry, grumpy, tired, and lets be honest -- very smelly, we went to Red Robins for the best bang for our buck in town (the prices are approaching NYC prices for food!). We sat down, after kindly being asked what we were doing by the hostess, and figured out which beer to get in hopes of easing our frustration. Our server -- Brad -- was an awesome local from Bend, who went to school in NYC and had returned home. We began talking, which was nice to have a conversation where we aren't looked at like bums. Luckily we have been leaving the bum fearing territories, so the areas are getting a little kinder.

As we were ready to pay, Brad informed us that the manager allowed him to buy our food! It was a gesture that meant a lot more to us than just getting some free food. The fact that a non trail related person went out of their way to make a kind gesture made our day much more bare able.

After food, we went to REI, and an awesome woman there helped us out with our trekking poles, so we got new -- working -- poles. The day had seemed to be looking up.

We walked around some more, got some more beer (no, we don't drink a lot, Bend is just the town of Beer! They have 8 micro brews in this small town), and went to the local Butte (a cross between a mountain and a hill) to set up shop and rest for the night.

All in all, it was a tough day. Going to Red Robins severely helped us mentally, and monetarily. With a better outlook on the day spent in Bend, we prepare for Portland which is only a few long days ahead. Due to the fire, we have surpassed the 2,000-mile marker! Only about a month left. We are getting close to the beginning of the end. P.s. Yes, we know the 2,000 we are putting up in the picture is backwards...

Thanks again Brad!

-- Ian