The darkest hour comes just before dawn

Day 143

One day in Portland got us about 70% ready for what's to come. We've had skirts of cold-fall, but not winter. Within the next two weeks we will feel that force.

We've felt that biting cold before. Nights of restless insomnia because of the biting chill you can't escape, waking up to a ice laden tent and the hunger that haunts your thoughts are a few of the symptoms of cold weather thru-hiking. But, on we push, because on this stretch lies the final and very difficult hours of our trekking assault on Americas west coast.

Tomorrows climb over of "The Bridge of the Gods," through Cascade Locks and into Washington's Pacific Northwest will be an epic one. The forecast is saying high winds and eventual rain, but thats life north of The Golden States border.

It's hard to explain the feeling of growing so close to the end of a journey that has taken everything from you and given back in the form of honestly good people, vivid experiences and rare lessons learned. It's hard to think About the next chapter when you've spent the last two years devoting all your passion, energy and time towards your current one.

But off we go to prep for tomorrow after a great day exploring Portland. An Indian Buffet and a great stir fry for dinner With our hosts Bonnie and James. It's always great to meet people so trusting, so genuine and fun to hang out with. We've been honored to hang out with some of the coolest folks throughout this trip!