Out before light, in after night

Day 137

Beep, beep, beep- my alarm blares. 5:30AM again. I hit snooze and peek my head through the top of my mummy bag... Pitch black, cold, wet. Never fun waking up like this, but you have no choice and today we were going into Bend, OR!

After a slow fire and some coffee we were rolling on the trail. Craggy, volcanic and beautiful the terrain was a nice change up from the pine forests we've been ripping through. With this terrain came a mini, High Sierra-like mountain pass that gave us reminders of the immense work ahead of us for the Northern Cascades.

Eventually we came to the road. The northern side where the trail continued was covered in "Trail Closed" and there was a forest ranger who told us about ll the closings ahead. Lightning has struck up at least two fires that will close small sections of trail.

Not worried knowing we'll go around the blazes we hitched to Bend, got a bite to eat and passed out behind the REI parking lot while a concert was held behind us in the town's amphitheater.

A solid day.