In n' out

Day 136

With food on our minds we pushed forward to make it to another 'resort' with over priced food, supplies, but convenient location. We got some food, and just enough food to scrape by until tomorrow, for tomorrow we will be in Bend! We have been hearing about this tow for so long, and it's good to finally be just around the corner from it.

Before we left to get back hiking, we met a guy hiking Oregon south bound and gave us some info on fires. There are a bunch of fires to come that are closing portions of the trail, so we will need to find ways around them. Other than that, should be smooth sailing! After chatting with him, we head out to do 9 miles to get to a creek. On the hike, we opened into a huge gorgeous valley that showed off tan meadows and black volcanic rock mountains.

As we began to descend, we made it to the creek, and a lovely campsite. We are excited for tomorrow, and the remaining 6 weeks to come.

-- Ian