Benchmark set

Day 135

Ever since hitting the lush northern Californian forests we have been upping our miles to beat out winter. We naively thought we could do thirty miles a day, but completing a marathon (26.2 miles) or more a day has been hard enough.... Until today because we hit thirty miles!

The terrain was gradual and mostly dirt, so it was as forgiving as possible throughout the long day of hiking. We have been surrounded by easy hills and lots of lakes. Also, we are staying at another shelter today! The Three Sisters Wilderness is pretty awesome, even if all these buildings were built for the cross country skiers here.

We know there is another forest fire ahead and aren't sure if it will effect the area we will hit tomorrow or the next day, but we know a twenty five mile stretch is closed because of active forest fire. Pretty gnarly stuff, glad it's well posted.

Since we are running low again on food we will be pulling a two-mile detour to hit Elk Lake Resort tomorrow. It'll be good to put a little real food (fingers crossed- the last resort was over priced Costco garbage.

I can't wait for Bend, OR. If my feet aren't too broken when we get there I'm sure I'll enjoy it too!