Day 133

The day was a whirlwind of hiking. We did it all day, nearly 11 hours of hiking later, and we are now in camp. The day was the same as most others, and if it weren't for reaching the highest point in Oregon AND Washington today, it would have been a very monotonous day. We took an mid-morning break with a few other thru hikers there, and enjoyed the rest of the flat terrain.

One not so fun thing that did happen today, was the water source we aimed for was all dried up. We got here after a long, tiring, day of hiking to find no water. Luckily (I hope) it's hunting season, so there was a fellow hunting that had two huge jugs of water that we thankfully filled up on.

So yet another long day in Oregon. It is beautiful, I will say, and reminds me of the AT with all the signs for the trail we have been seeing. As lovely as the hike is right now, we are just pushing it to Portland.

-- Ian