Close, but no cigar

Day 134

Feeling like a machine we have managed to make hiking a full time job. Normally it's a lot of fun, but right now it's hard work and putting our noses to the grind to get over the hump.

There was nothing to describe the day besides silence- not a bad silence, just a deep and reflective one. We continue to move towards the 2,000 mile benchmark at a blinding pace. Usually 27 or more miles a day has been achievable, but that doesn't mean it's easy.

Out in the dark, just about into camp at dark we live our lives more on the move than ever before. Our gear is breaking down, along with our bodies, but it didn't stop us from accomplishing our miles today. Even if that leaves us just one mile short of the general store where we are going to resupply. It just got too late.

Picking through the last of our rations we squeak by yet again to live another day.