Lake Side

Day 119

Waking up and heading out of the base camp we made with Jack Rabbit and a few other hikers was slow going. We left around 9 and was happy that Jack Rabbit was there with his car, because the walk back to the trail was a hefty one. So we were dropped off, grabbed one last beer for one of our lunch breaks, and were off.

They day was a long one, filled with cool breezy winds, and beating sun. The trail was winding through mountain sides and cliffs, around lakes and surrounded by trees. We passed a pair of lakes called Deadfall Lakes and had an amazing amount of day walkers on the trail. It was nice seeing people of all ages -- young and old -- hiking about three miles from the parking lot to the lakes to camp for the weekend.

With the upped amount of miles lately, our days have been ending later than we would like. Luckily it was on a gorgeous remote lake in the middle of the mountains, so we slept soundly with a nice fire, and with the sound of fish jumping only feet away from us.

-- Ian