O' Bearded Warrior

Day 120

A poem to sum up the lives of us thru-hikers, and the only thing on today's post.

O' Bearded Warrior
by: Smiligus Andromwertus

O' bearded warrior,
Whose shield and sword are bruised,
Whose tired legs stretch at the mornings first sign,
Move swiftly through your journey,
With the grace and lightfastness of a feather,
From the wing of the great eagle.
O' bearded warrior,
Drink from the streams,
And sing the songs of the forest,
Of the dwellers,
Of the wolves,
Of the children.
O' bearded warrior,
The Kings of the red wood welcome you,
As they have done forever before you,
Guiding the lives of the golden,
The heroic,
The true.
O' bearded warrior.

* dedicated to the dusty camels from KDON£