Slow & Steady

Day 118

Pacing means everything out here. Go too fast- you'll burn out before you hit your miles, too slow and you'll run out of time. Since our pace has picked up to about 22-30 miles a day we have incorporated more breaks, more often. After every two hours of hiking ends with a half hour break. Averaging about 3/mph that's about 12 hours a day with breaks to fulfill the quota.

At the start of everyday, like today, it's hard to wake up knowing you have that much physical exertion waiting for you, but with good pacing it is much more enjoyable. Also, meeting up with another thru-hiker and friend, Hetchhetchi, at the end of the 25 mile dy was a nice surprise.

Before, on the Appalachian Tail, we use to go for 4-6 hours at a time, killing our minds and bodies. The note has been taken on actually enjoying the day, it will be nice if I can apply this hiking method to "regular" life.