For a Reason

Day 111

We started the day with a full on breakfast at Drakesbad guest ranch. After settling up the bill we took off for the day. Two hikers one from British Columbia named Infidel and an Australian named Luke joined us. When we took off from the peaceful valley we ascend quickly, not realizing it we had gotten onto the Kings River Trail. When we finally figured out we had gone off trail we were a solid couple hours hike west!

No need to worry we hiked along beautiful, wooded roads and got a ride into town via a garbage truck at the end of the day.

When we got out of the truck we walked the last mile to town (really just a general store), but were stopped by a howdy from a nice little creekside property. It was a thru-hiker who had been offered to stay at a trail angel's house and we were invited over. The trail angel, leonard, came back and we went trout fishing, caught about seven Brookies and Rainbows of large size, had a fish fry and relaxed with some whiskey and cokes.

We are now camped out next to the creek that supplied all the tasty trout that now fill our bellies. Tomorrow is a big day without much water. The one stretch goes thirty miles without a drop. There's roomer of a water cache in the middle of it, but who knows.

We rest heavy for tomorrow.