Day 110 -- Ian's 23rd Birthday

What does a hiker do when it is his birthday? Not hike of course! Instead, one must sit in hot spring pools, eat great food, listen to music, and relax. It's a requirement, really. So that is just what I did -- relaxed. Drakesbad is the perfect place to stop too. There's a campground just down the road from the resort, and all the food is half price and we get to use the facilities for free. They even accepted a lot of packages for us from family and friends!

My girlfriend and mom send us clothes to change into, snacks, and some other goodies. one of our greatest supporters sent me some hometown coffee and chocolates, aaaand PCT patches! We were excited to finally get our patches in our bag. We also got some new products to test along the way.

All in all, a great trail birthday. It also marked the last zero day for a while... It's time to push the miles!

-- Ian