Riding the Volcano

Day 112

We knew today was going to be long and hot. There was a 26 mile stretch of the trail on an exposed rim with no water. That was about 6 miles from where we had camped, so the day was to be a 32 mile day -- our first 30 of the trail. So as soon as we woke up, we got ready and left Leonard's to begin the long day.

Our first few miles were the same as the last bunch, but soon enough we emerged onto Hat Creek Rim. Last week we entered the Cascades, and with that the geology surrounding us changed as well. It went from granite mountains, to volcanic rocks. W have been seeing the porous rocks for some tie me now, but today we went over old lava fields, and saw the stunning Mt. Shasta.

The rim was actually quite beautiful, and the cool breeze kept us from over heating too badly. Luckily, two trail angels set up water caches along the way, and we were scarred from our last water deficit and carried extra water, that we didn't even run out. It was actually quite an enjoyable day out here onto of what used to be liquid hot magma.

-- Ian