off we go

Day 77 and 78

Yesterday we took a true zero -- filled with bad TV, food, lounging around and relaxing. After the toughest stretch any of us have seen, it was well deserved.

Today we got word that Jesse wasn't going to be able to do the horse ride. We were pretty bummed and had already paid for the room, but the hotel was nice enough to refund our money even though it was already passed checkout. So we quickly packed up the packs and went off to get food. Slate and Daybreaker left earlier, so Doc Choneys and a new hiker, Anthony, were the only two left with us. By the time we did our resupplies and got our stuff together, it was already 4 and we quickly got a hitch back to the trail thanks to a nice teacher from the bay area.

Since we got out late, we didn't intend to hike too much. There was a nice big climb, and we actually went straight up a mountain instead of follow the trail (by accident of course...). When we reached the crest of the trail, we saw snow in front of us. We were walking in it nice again, and this time it was super windy! Luckily it didn't last too long, and now we are camped eight miles in, on the beach of a small creek.

-- Ian

P.s. Regarding that hiker whom people haven't seen for a few days, we got word from a couple of hikers yesterday that they had found him and hiked in with him apparently he got lost, was startled by one of the river crossings to the point where he began writing a will. Luckily all is well though, and he's on trail!