A Sigh of Relief

Day 76

After one of the toughest stretches we've faced we find ourselves stronger, wiser and better prepared for what's to come.

It's a hard thing to describe. The feeling of being trapped by water is something I'll always remember. Whether it be in the form of snow, rain, melt or ice this stretch represented everything water can do to a hiker. Our boots were always wet, the tent fly soaked, river crossings made for slow and dangerous going and the snow created frustrating climbs. It all made for hurdles, but we overcame them.

Today, being the last day of the stretch and with 18-miles to go we hauled ass, glissaded and sped our way to highway 108. There Slate's mom gave us a lift to the little town of Bridgeport. Dr. Choney, Daybreaker and Ian and I pitched in for a small hotel room, downed some grub at a local bar and will take a day off tomorrow.

Tired, sore and well fed we fall asleep with the knowledge that we capped off one of the hardest stretches of the great Pacific Crest Trail and will continue on this epic journey.

- Andy