trucking to Tahoe

Day 79

With the creek raging next to us and a steady wind shaking the tent we woke up around 8am.

Getting ready the day went steadily and even getting lost helped us pick up a mile. The change into volcanic mountains has been a welcome one.

While hiking today we were talking about how much we admire the early humans, the nomads. But after long discussions we realized due to food, shelter and water restrictions they couldn't have traveled as much as thru hikers. Therefore we concluded- thru hikers are the most well walked people in the history of man. We push our bodies to the limits to do what no man has done before.... Walk across continents, adapt to the elements and live a new adventure every day. Unpredictability is what makes this life so addictive.

21 tomorrow, then the next day we should be able to make the push for Tahoe and our break with friends and girlfriends!

- Andy