Day 41

Rolling through a sunny afternoon everything was perfect- Picturesque landscapes unfolding at every bend, excellent weather and lots more green! Maybe it's just wishful thinking that we are transitioning to more Sierra type landscapes, but we are in great spirits.

Aside from Ian's gruesome blister (pictured yesterday) we made the realization that thru-hikers live the lives of kings! It sounds crazy to anyone not out here with us, but here's ten reasons why it's true.

1. We meet people from all over the world and discuss worldly issues.

2. We only drink mountain spring water.

3. We eat as much of whatever we want, but only gain muscle.

4. We sleep on beds of air with goose down comforters.

5. Where we poop is more scenic than where you vacation!

6. We get as many lunch breaks as we want.

7. No matter where we travel people always say hello.

8. We don't pay rent

9. The sky is our ceiling.

10. We've grown majestic beards.

Up next- why thru-hikers live like bums!

- Andy