hole in my foot

Day 40

Day 40?! Crazy.

Anyway, today started off slow and nice. We had the best continental breakfast any of us have ever had -- waffles, fruit, cereal, biscuit sandy gravy, eggs and bacon, pastries, juice and of course, coffee. Go Best Western. Not only did they have an awesome breakfast, but they even drove us to the trail! Made for an easy start to the day.

What did not make for an easy start to the day was the 5 miles of uphill. Luckily it wasn't too strenuous, but the fact that I essentially have a hole in my heel makes it difficult. The other day a hot spot, blister, and ripped off skin all happened within an hour. The constant rubbing, and moist conditions in my boot makes for unhappy feet.

Going uphill makes it worse, because the pressure is put on my heel, and it hurts. But, I trucked on, and we all got 17 miles into to the first water source of the day. We got into camp and found Shari and her pup Skeeter already here. Wiz found a journal and trail maps on the trail and packed it to camp and turns out it was hers. Luck we came around eh?

We ate, setup camp, and are now getting ready for bed. With the wind turbines near by and howling wind above us, we rest for tomorrow.