the day of rest

Day 42 and 43

Yesterday we planned to get into Lake Isabella for a much needed day of rest and relaxation. For my feet, our bodies and minds, and overall state of well being. The town was over 30 miles off the trail, and the we got really lucky with hitches into town. First we got a big ride most of the way by an 84 year young working man named Country, then the final way into town by a local mother and daughter duo.

First we stopped off to satiate our grumbling bellies, then off to the first motel. Kern Motel. What a trip. We were greeted with signs of being clean and welcome and inexpensive, and when we went to talk to the guy in charge, and old, toothless, hefty Vietnamese man walked up to us, gave us a quote, and we were all hesitant. We began looking up the number to the next motel to compare, and he kicked us out before we even got in! So, off to Lake Isabella Motel we went. Pool, friendly staff, and nice rooms.

So we began our rest. A.k.a. Beer, pizza, and tv. And so the day came and went, and asleep we fell into our beds.

Today, our official zero, was spent in the pool, and just relaxing. We did a pack shake down for our new-to-hiking comrade pooh bear, and he shaved 7 lbs off his pack! His back and feet will be thanking him up the trail. After our chores were done, we sat down in the room to have a good restful night.

For those of you who have been following, you will have noticed that there have been two new additions to The Dusty Camel team. At first they were jus another couple thru hikers that we had been hiking with, but after two hotel rooms being shared, and plans to tackle the Sierras together, I think it's appropriate to introduce them.

Pooh Bear is a 22 year old law student from Santa Cruz, and is out hiking as much of the trail as he can before the semester begins. We are trying to convince him to take a semester off so he can finish the trail, and embark on the true journey of a thru hike... a life lesson school cannot teach.

Wiz is a 24 year old teacher from Atlanta who thru hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2009. He actually recalled our names from the trail logs as he was not far behind us his entire trek. He teaches kids in South Korea and has come back to the states to tackle his next trek.

Who knows what the trail will hold for us as a group, but for the time being, we plan to hike on together,