Ten Days

The months flew by and here we stand ten days from the starting line of one of the biggest challenges of our lives- Six-months and nearly 3,000 miles of adventure, wilderness and isolation. It’s a matter of curiosity that sends you on your first thru-hike, it’s an addiction, or maybe a touch of madness that sends you on another!

This being our second trek, we are haunted by one factor we never faced on the Appalachian Trail… expectation. Before we had nothing to compare our experience to- whether it be the physical and mental pain that results in living outdoors for months, the beautiful moments when complete strangers took us in like family, or the hundreds of epic sunsets and mountain summits. We experienced everything anew. This time around we are expecting to re-reach that place of complete freedom. It’s a place that cannot be replicated in normal life, hence why we are determined to set forth again.

We’re going back to live a life that hinges on the moment. Where highs are through the roof and lows test the very fabric of your soul….

Now comes the time for goodbyes and last minute adjustments to our gear. Come May 2nd we head back to the wild, back home.

- Andy