The Eve.

Fourteen months of waiting, preparation, and building up our organization. Fourteen months of talking and dreaming. Fourteen months of building up an adventure in our heads.


It is here.



When I embarked upon my first journey on the Appalachian Trail, I had a different mind, a different life. My experience on the AT shaped who I have become for my future. The call of adventure grew strong, and only timing kept us all from the PCT so long ago. So much has changed since the AT -- for us all. We are leaving a lot more, missing a lot more, and it hurts a lot more. We are making the ultimate sacrifice for what we believe in. It is amazing how fourteen months of waiting and anticipation can be so strong, and how the day before, you begin to question. Have I begun to second guess this upcoming journey? Never. Will I sorely miss all I am leaving behind? Without question. Fear, excitement, and feelings I can't begin to describe is what I feel tonight. For in the morning we fly out west, and start the next chapter of what we call the "Camel Chronicles" -- our life.