Less than 3 months

Well, It was March of 2010 where we decided to attempt a thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. Eleven months later, and here we are; The Dusty Camel has picked up steam, we are getting more recognition, and we are gaining headway in our means and methods of protecting mother nature.

The PCT is 2,660 miles long -- almost 500 miles longer than the Appalachian Trail. While we started the AT 2 years ago and the memories are still strong, the feelings have long since faded. What does it feel like to live out of a backpack for such a long period of time? Whats it feel like to be outside truly on your own? Whats it feel like to have no idea what may happen the next day? These are all questions to which the answer I will soon be reminded.

I remember when I bought the ticket to go down to Georgia to start the AT, such a surreal, and somewhat daunting feeling -- and thats the feeling I am beginning to have now. Am I scared? No. Nervous? Without doubt. Even though I have experienced something similar, the PCT is going to be drastically different; the terrain, the mentality, the reason. We are doing this trail not only for ourselves, but for the land we are going to be in. We started pretty much alone on the AT, and the three of us will start as brothers on the PCT.

The days are ticking away, and it is time once again to start preparing for our departure. Nerves fluttering, and tummies tumbling, we will venture off into the wilderness in hopes that once more, we will have the time of our lives.