AT miles hiked today: 10.3
Total AT miles hiked: 1046.6

I hiked from Grafton Notch to East B Hill Road and got a shuttle to The Cabin. I was able to avoid going into town at Grafton Notch because Linda and her friends gave us water and granola bars and nuts and beef sticks in the parking lot. They really helped me save some money by avoiding a costly trip to town. Thank you! I really appreciate your help. That food is what I ate all day to help me hike to the next road to Andover. We met Toe Knee and Dame Quixote at The Cabin this afternoon, so now we're all back together again. That is good. I do love my Runaway Train Gang and it's fun to have Dame Q around for so long.

I hiked over the Bald Pate mountains and took tons of pictures. Clouds threatened rain but didn't follow through. We finally got nice trail after the shelter and did 4 miles in 2.5 hours, which felt great. We met Standing Bear again, who was just getting over the plague, and saw a cool waterfall.

Once at the Cabin, Bear and Honey quarantined Standing Bear to tent on the lawn and we each got a bunk, shower and laundry for $20. Then we paid $10 for a big spaghetti and meatball dinner with salad, garlic bread, corn on the cob, lemonade and Moose Tracks ice cream for dessert. It was great!