AT mikes hiked today: 10.1
Total AT mikes hiked: 1056.7

Several of us got a shuttle back to the trail together to save money. We kept talking about coming back to the Cabin tonight but stuck to our plan and headed north with full packs. We hiked ten miles from Andover Road over Moody Mountain to South Arm Road which leads back to Andover.

We were in the rain as soon as we got on the trail, and then the clouds really dumped on us. Standing Bear talked about us coming back to the Cabin and possibly staying cheaper in an RV. He was slackpacking and planned to return there to wait for a package. Finally, tired of the rain, we called Don back and asked to stay there again tonight. He agreed to come get us and then the sun came out later, but we kept our reservations. We are going back to the Cabin and we didn't even slackpack. What a waste of a good shuttle!

I fell twice in the mud, today. The first time was spectacular, I do believe. I stepped down onto some soil which turned to mud. I slid, lost my balance and rolled sideways over my head and down the mountain. Luckily the hill stopped, so I did. Phew, I was very lucky that I landed on soft ground, not a rock. Dame Q also fell head over heels off a rock today, but I was ahead on the trail, probably falling at the same time, so I didn't see it. Nobody got to see my fall, so they couldn't appreciate the grace of it. The natural reflexes of a stunt woman, that's me.

My other fall was a booty buster in the mud, which wasn't painful, just messy. Hippity Hop caught up to us and is hiking with us today. She had the norovirus/plague the last two days in Andover and is not recovered quite yet, so she is coming back to the Cabin. Several others have gotten the plague, too, like Chucky da Phish, Caveman, Unbreakable and No Trace. Then back at the Cabin T-Bone was sick and another girl from the night before. It's everywhere!

I saw Nomad again tonight. I last saw him at Upper Goose Pond in Massachusetts. He flip-flopped and is heading south. We also saw Young Blue Eyes heading south. I wonder if I might see other people I know who flip-flopped? That would be cool.