AT miles hiked today: 6.9
Total AT miles hiked: 1036.3

We slept in and started late at the campsite at Bull Branch at 9:30 and got to Grafton Notch around 6pm. We dried out our stuff on the rocks of Mahoosuc Arm, which was mostly dry from the sun. Thank goodness. Those long, steep boulder slabs with water pouring down them would have scared me. They weren't so bad coming up them in good weather, though.

While we were at the top Easy Mile and Diamond came along. I had thought they were ahead of us, but they both got the plague and stopped for three days in Gorham. They thought they might hitch from Grafton Notch into Bethel or Andover. We had the same thought because we are nearly out of food due to taking the zero day and then yesterday's short day. We are rationing and I am hungry.