yet another school i raced

hiked today: 15.6

today we had a very lovely hike along the trail and on the road via a detour that they had for the trail. It was warm and sunny, but also a bit breezy so we didn't get too hot. It was pretty strenuous, but we managed to make it without too many problems. Half way into the day, there was a detour on the road. It was pretty cool because they had actual orange blazes on the road working signs. we followed that for a while, and eventually made it to Salisbury. We used to raced Salisbury at NMH, so it was funny hitting another school I know. 

When we got to Salisbury, we hung out on a lawn and laid out to relax. Ironically, my barber has a house up there, and my mom sees him on the way to school every morning. Andy left his wallet at my house, and John (my barber) was going up to his house, so took it up, and met us in town. So andy got his wallet back, and I got to see John again.

We got to walk through a lot of the town, and see a lot of gorgeous houses along the way,  but eventually we needed to find a spot to camp. There was a bike trail around the back of town, and just off of that a large field. So, we set up camp there, and spent the night.