More trail magic!

Hiked today: 20.5

We woke up late this morning and made our way to breakfast slowly. We actually took about an hour and a half to eat and eventually leave the restaurant. We decided to walk along route 41 which runs parallel to the trail until Great Barrington, MA. Since we are getting tired of the trail, and want our feet to rest for a little and get a break from the rocks, we thought it would be best. So onwards we walked. It was a little cloudy, but a bit warmer, so it evened out nicely. Andy and I were having a nice time looking at all the houses, not having to worry about tripping, and just have good conversations. Actually, we passed a THIRD school I've raced before -- Berkshire. We literally walked in front of their campus and saw a lot of students and parents coming and going from the school. After about 18 miles, we sat down to take a little break and rest our feet. A car was driving by and stopped after seeing us and asked if we wanted a ride. At first we said we were fine as we only had a few more miles into town, but he backed up and started talking to us. We told him we were going to camp in Great Barrington, and he offered up his house, so we gladly took the ride. 

Andrew stopped to pick up his daughter from Berkshire for the evening, and passed us on his way and was happy we waved to him and on the way back he told his daughter he would offer to drive us somewhere -- and he did. He drove us to his house, where he has a guest house for us to stay in. It is beautiful here, gorgeous house, lots of land, and much better than the trail! His two daughters made us dinner as Andy and Andrew played on the guitars together (Andrew has a pretty nicely sized studio with huge speakers and lots of guitars.) We took showers, went into the sauna, took more showers, had some drinks and talked with everyone. We were incredibly happy to have met these three as they are all wonderful people!  Tonight we will relax, and figure out what we are doing tomorrow... tomorrow. Right now, we are very happy hikers.