What's up with our feet?

Hiked today: 17.0

Hiked total:1472.9

To katahdin: 705.4

So this morning we left our hiding place... Er, campsite... And went to eat breakfast. We filled up and headed towards the trail. We walked right passed the entrance to Kent which was funny too. We soon got into the woods, and knowing what goes down in the woods near a boarding school, I walked quickly, and started our hike. There were lots of ups and downs and rocky areas. It was actually a decently technical day. We had some climbs and hard descents. We stayed flat for a few miles along the housitonic river but that was it.

After a few miles, we ran into two who were section hiking from new Hampshire. They were very nice and even said they would drive is to Boston for andys graduation. However, we looked at the book, and we will just be rolling into NH when we need to leave.

Not too long after we left them, we met a guy named Rich. He had a giant back pack and two smaller ones. We thought he was carrying stuff for someone else, but it was all his. The shelter wasn't far and we wanted to break, so we each took a bag and helped him to the shelter. He gave us a beer that we drank, and then left oddly tipsy (I guess that's what happens after hiking 8 miles.)

As soon as the beer wore off we were in normal hiking mode. The problem is, OUR FEET. We have no idea why, but our feet aren't carrying us well anymore. We feel fine physically, but our feet are just aching too early into the day and too intensely by the end.

Now we are in a shelter with a sectioner named half day, and even though he warned us, I think he should be called sir snores-a lot.

Tomorrow we are meeting my barber in a town the trail goes through! Funny how the world works. I do miss the little things in the city though.

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