Well, we didn't leave. Andrew came by after we woke up to bring us to his house for breakfast and offered to let us stay another night. We were not quick to say no. So, we stayed another day hanging out with Andrew. His wife and son came back from Italy around 7, and we were able to meet the rest of his family. Actually, Andy and I cooked for everyone as a thank you for letting us stay. So, I made my lasagna! I will admit, I was a little nervous when Andy suggested it, but it turned out well, and everyone enjoyed it. It's too bad Aurelie and Marie where stuck at school and I couldn't repay them for the meal they made us.

So our day consisted of watching old movies, eating good food, going in the sauna, jumping in the pool, and repeating. After dinner, Elizabeth and John were pretty tired and went to bed, and Andrew brought us back to the Annex (our house) where we hung out for a while. He noticed from our pictures that we like cigars for celebrations, so we smoked some really great cigars, and was a little more classy than being in the woods by drinking a bottle of scotch along with the cigars. We listened to music, learned about Andrews family, talked, and just enjoyed the night. Unfortunately we will be leaving today, but you can only stay at a great place too long. So thanks to Andrew, Elizabeth, Aurelie, and John (for your smirk comment Marie you don't get a thank you)!

Alright, alright, well, I suppose you can get a thank you too Marie.

The more Andy and I experience kindness and meet wonderful people like we have been lately, the more we realize that the Appalachian Trail isn't really about the trail, its about the journey from the south to the north, and people like the Humes make it an incredible experience! So thanks you 5.