Last night with Odie

Tonight is our last night with Odie, and sad we are. Today was a pretty smooth sailing day, nothing terribly interesting going on. The weather was a little wacky -- it was cold, and looked like it was going to rain, but still had blue skies and sun poking through. Luckily, it did not rain until later in the day, but we were back at the house by then.

Our plans for getting to Boston for Andys graduation has changed just a wee bit from our original plan of getting to Hanover and taking a greyhound. We are still planning to get to, or around, Hanover, N.H., however, we will be hitch hiking. We are going to give ourselves some extra time to get there and we had planned to hitch in on Thursday. While planning this, we took a look at the weather and saw it is supposed to rain on Thursday, so we decided to start hitching in on Wednesday. I don't see it taking more than a day as its only 140 miles to Boston from Hanover, but we will see what happens. We decided that taking a bus from Hanover was too easy, and not a good enough story. We will be taking a little extra time off by starting earlier, but its ok. We have decided that after we get back to the trail, we have no schedule, and no deadlines. We are going to enjoy the last two states and take it as it comes. We will be coming back to the Whites which is going to be very exciting.

So the adventure continues -- in the woods once more!