Another day at Odies

we woke up quite late this morning -- or afternoon I should say -- so we did not hike. It was pretty relaxed today, after Odie got over his hangover, and Andy washed his away in the shower, we went and got some food. Andy and I hadn't had a real meal since yesterday morning, so we were very famished. After a giant breakfast, we stopped off at the outfitter to see if some replacement things came in (Andy's pad has a giant tumor in it) but they didn't come yet. I looked at boots while we were there. Even though Vasque replaced my boots with a different model, I could very quickly tell they weren't going to last. They are decent boots, but not for what I need, theres not enough support, and they just aren't comfortable for the amount of miles we are doing (the Vasque Clarion), and I am hoping that the reason my feet have been in so much pain lately is because of those boots. I got some really nice, comfortable, rigid boots. I didn't want to spend money on new boots, but I figure thats the most important thing I have on this trip, and the fact that I got two new pairs of boots for free justified it.

After the outfitter, we went to Orvis where Odie wandered around looking for a casting competition to win (he's a big fly-fisherman), but those are tomorrow, so we went back to the house. Odie took a nap, and I uploaded lots of new pictures onto the site. By the way, the way the new set up works is as follows:

For all the Georgia pictures, you click on the slideshow on the bottom. Unfortunately, those are all on a separate Flickr account so I cant combined those with my Picasa account easily right now. So click on those to see early pictures.

For North Carolina to New Jersey, you click on picture of Andy and I sitting on the rock. That will bring you to that photo album on picasa.

For New York to Maine (once we get there that is) you click on the picture with the guitar and that will bring you to that album.

If you rather just watch a slide show, the slide show above the album links goes through all of my pictures. If you click on that, it will open up that image in the appropriate album.

After we rested up a little, we decided to go see Star Trek. So we went to the movies and saw the 6:30 showing. On our way there, there was a massive hurricane force storm that lasted about 30 minutes. It was POURING and hailing like mad. We took a video and some pictures which I will put up tomorrow (I've done enough picture work for the day.) Anyway, the movie was actually really good, we all enjoyed it a lot. They managed to make Star Trek really cool. We then got some food at the grocery store to make at the house, came back, and sat around and ate.

We WILL be slackpacking tomorrow, so will end up here again tomorrow night.