Back in the woods

Today was a great day. We hiked for about 20 miles and Odie met us with our bags at the end. It was a gorgeous day out, and we saw some really nice views. We actually walked up a ski slope to the summit of a mountain where a chair lift was.

It was a very smooth relaxing day overall. We saw LOTS of moose poop, but no moose. It was a very enjoyable day! After the hike, we started walking into town, and a guy gave us a ride in. He was nice and said he was hoping he might do the trail as well.

After we got into town, we ate some food and relaxed in the sun until Odie came. He got there around 6 and drove us to the trail. Our packs had a lot of extra weight because we filled all our bottles up and had a bunch of canned food for the night. Odie gave us a few beers and we lugged our packs up a difficult mile climb to the shelter.

We set up camp and spent the night in the woods like old times! It was great meeting Odie, he helped out a lot!

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