Smooth sailing

Day 52

Hiked today: 26.5

Hiked total: 1125.9

To katahdin: 1052.4

Today we lost Dennis and Dave. We woke up and all headed out together to do 12 miles into a town for lunch. Dennis fell behind and was about half hour behind us. We went over some interesting terrain and climbed some big rocks. I love how different the scenery is now. We went through lots of farm land and pastures, cow and horse pens, and wooded areas. The first 12 miles was a little tough as we went up and down a bunch of times, but nothing too bad. We got into the town and ate a great lunch at the tavern there.

After we left, we started the second 15 of the day. This is where things got interesting. First off, it was the flattest the trail has ever been, so it was fairly easy. Dennis fell way behind, and even Dave did. We knew they had been hitch hiking, and today showed just how much they have skipped. They weren't able to do the amount of miles we were asking of them. So, our foursome became just us two once more. The Dusty Camels have become a single unit again, and its bitter sweet. We liked Dave and wish he could have stayed, but they haven't experienced what we have, and we are happy to be true thru-hikers.

The next two days are smaller than the previous, and we are getting picked up on Friday. We are both very excited for our DESERVED rest. Gorgeous day today, and will be again tomorrow. Smooth sailing in PA, and we are loving it.

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