Christmas eve

Day 53

Hiked today: 22.7

Hiked total: 1148.6

To katahdin: 1029.7

Today was another beautiful day. We hit the trail just before 9 and headed towards duncannon where we were going to for lunch. It was nice because it was exactly half way. The terrain was fairly easy except for one push up. Coming into the town was a different story. We went down the steepest part of the trail let and it was incredibly rocky. It was hard to go down and painful on our feet. We finally made it into town and ate lunch at the Doyle, which is a hiker hotel and restaurant. There was a giant sign that said welcome hikers, and its an iconuc point on the trail. They were written up in backpacker magazine for their barbecue, and I will say it was better than anything I had in the south.

As we were leaving, we ran into Dennis and Dave, who were in jeans and hitched over. Just funny that they are skipping the whole trail.

We went back to the trail and climbed up a very steep mountain. We rode the ridge for a while, but it was incredibly rocky as well. Our feet hurt once again.

We finally made it to this shelter and met a guy out here for the night named wags. We chatted with him and now we are in bed. Its a full moon tonight, and it was right on the horizon which made it big and orange which is cool.

When morning comes, we will be on our way to getting picked up by andys dad!

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