Half way!

Day 51

Hiked today: 24.5

Hiked total: 1099.4

To katahdin: 1078.9

We made it halfway! Unfortunately, it wasn't a great day. We woke up cold. The temp dropped again and we don't like it. We left the great shelter without Dennis and dave. We hiked all day and it was cold and it actually snowed! We thought we were done with that. Its funny because it snowed to represent all the snow in the first half.

Unfortunately, there was no sign to represent it. The only halfway sign we passed was from 2002 where the halfway point was 1069 (its now 1088)

Not only that, but the store where the half gallon ice cream challenge was, a major at stop, wasn't open yet! Oh well.

Anyway, we are going to Lickdale on Friday to get picked up by andys dad. Dennis and Dave have now joined our group and we will finish the trail together. Its a great feeling knowing we have less to do than we have already done, and that the weather won't be as bad. I look back at those cold weeks in shock and awe. I have no idea how we did it, but I know we are over half way finished with this journey!

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