Great shelter!

Day 50

Hiked today: 17.9

Hiked total: 1074.9

To katahdin: 1103.4

Well, we are back on the trail once more. We left our hotel lazily and started to the town where the rest of aunt debs food went to. It was a short day and we were happy because none of us were in a hiking mood due to all the beer from last night. We were sweating it out today for sure.

We had our most hitches today (3) to get to the post office, walmart, and back to the trail. First we squeezed into an old guys van, then a younger air force guys pickup, and finally a drunk mans old SUV. Fitting 4 guys in all these cars are tough, but we didn't mind because it just meant we didn't have to walk.

Once we got back to the trail, we hiked a couple miles up to this massive, gorgeous shelter. By far the nicest yet. A guy comes up nearly everyday to clean it and keep it in good condition. Unfortunately, this may be the last shelter that the PATC works on, and they have been, by far, the best trail club.

When we set up camp, we started to gather wood for a large fire in a pit out near a campsite. There were two weekend hikers out who generously shared their food and drink with us.

After we got tired and the fire died down, we decided to get into bed. Dave and Dennis may not be with us tomorrow, but we will most likely hike the rest of the trip with them after our breaks.

Normal mileage day tomorrow. Hopefully our bodies won't be too angry. Only 4 more days until we get to andys house!

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